What Past Clients Have To Say

Dr. Sarah Adams

Before coaching incorporating health into a busy lifestyle of travel was so difficult for me. Vacation was a time to splurge, but it wasn't serving me. My goals were to work with someone who could help me get healthier with my lifestyle. I wanted to break free from the all or nothing mentality and restriction and binge cycle I had been stuck in for so long. I have discovered more in the time I have worked with Christy than I have in my entire life. As we pealed back the layers I learned that it doesn't have to be perfect and how to give myself grace. I broke free from being stuck in a cycle of restriction and binging and learned how to be mindful. I’m making choices that make me feel good inside and out, moving my body daily and my body image has improved. I’m loving who I am as a strong, brave, smart, woman who can do anything.  Every session Christy knew exactly what to say. I never felt judged and she was always so supportive. I loved all the meal planning help, recipes and shopping lists! She really helped me where I was at instead of trying to make me different than who I really am. It has been an honor and a pleasure to do this work and I plan to continue it. She set me free!

Jen W.

I hired Christy because I wanted to find myself, to tackle my ongoing anxiety, and to learn what nutrition worked best for me to loose the extra weight I kept putting on every year. This program was absolutely life changing. The support and tools Christy gave me have helped me find myself, lose weight, and gain a stronger mindset. I was able to lose 20 pounds by the end of the program! I learned how to let go of the things that I cant control and to be more patient with myself. I started to eat cleaner and move my body daily, find time for self care without guilt and practice journaling and affirmations to reframe my mindset. I learned I can do ANYTHING that I put my mind to. I have finally found comfort in my own skin and I will forever be thankful for her helping me get to this amazing place in life!!

Joan M.

My whole life has changed and I feel stronger than I have in years. I have passions that I am actually working towards and learning to stop doubting myself. I am finally learning to love myself fully and understand who I am as a person. I have more confidence in doing certain things and get through a whole day of work without having multiple (and I mean well over 4) anxiety attacks. Christy was with me every single step of the way. She was always texting and on call if I ever needed anything. For as busy as she is, I always felt that she made that extra time for me and that she genuinely cared! Y’all...my abs are coming BACK. I am feeling so much better about myself. The most important goal that I wanted to reach was to lower my anxiety with public places and now I barely even think about going to the store. I just walk in and out, do what I need to do and then leave. Not only that but I started enjoying shopping! I honestly can’t even believe how much my life has changed.

Chelsea P.

I sought out health coaching because I was struggling with binge eating and having an emotional relationship with food was really causing a problem for me. I also wanted to learn more about the foods I put into my body and the effect that they have. Working with Christy was INCREDIBLE. Having accountability was a game-changer. I don't struggle with emotional eating and I've been able to overcome mindset blocks. I enjoyed being able to have someone in my corner and someone I could count on to share personal and private things with. I've FINALLY gotten a consistent period. I've been able to decrease/get off medication that I've been on for years. I've learned about the value of using wholesome, real ingredients. Most importantly, I've become comfortable in my own skin again, which has always been a struggle for me. I've gone from crying in the dressing room to checking out my progress pictures.

Luisiana T.

Christy was a great coach to work with. Her compassion and flexibility made this a lifetime change for me. She let me air out my issues and excuses, and found ways to work them into our program. I struggled with self-sabotaging. I would get close to a goal and binge eat. I would blame my husband for my reason for not eating healthier options. I blamed my back issues as an excuse. I would start a journey, plateau or see slow progress and just sabotage my work. I learned so much from working with Christy. I learned to be nicer to myself. I am my own worst enemy and working with Christy has helped me quiet that mean girl voice. I catch myself checking myself out in the mirror from time to time and laugh because just a few months ago, I dreaded the mirror. Since starting this journey with Christy, this is the most confident I’ve felt in years.. I’m starting to squeeze into single digit jeans again and can just see my face thinning. Also, my GI issues have been under control! I'm feeling less bloated, having less urgent feelings, finding foods that satisfy and taste good, and I realize I have more energy with little or no caffeine! I wasn’t sure what this was going to be like, but I’m so grateful that I did it.


I sought out coaching at a very low point in my life. I wanted to start reprograming how I think and feel about myself so that I could start rebuilding my body image, my connection to my authentic core, and ultimately my self-worth.  I accomplished so many things that I never thought I could - I stopped weighing myself everyday, I started adding days off from working out, I started allowing myself to eat more regularly and without guilt! I loved all the resources available to me. Not only were the nutrition guides and meal programs incredibly helpful, other resources like songs, podcasts, books, bible verses, etc. were always extremely beneficial and Christy ALWAYS provided exactly what I needed in the hardest moments. I loved Christy's session notes - they were so thoughtful and helpful after a long session of teasing out how to continue improving and how to reach my goals. I really loved how the program was tailored to me - there was no stress or pressure and when things weren't working, we would adjust. Throughout this period, I learned that food is good for me - it nourishes me to do all the things I love!! I am slowly learning to love myself. I learned that my outer appearance does not dictate who likes me, how people perceive me or my worthiness! I learned the idea of surrendering and the relief it can bring me! This was an incredible program.

Jessie M.

I sought out health coaching because I hadn't had my period in a couple months and needed guidance on my nutrition to get healthier. I had no idea where to start. It all seemed so daunting. In our 6 months together I was able to get my period back, increase my activity level, make better choices eating out and while traveling, decrease food guilt and better manage my stress and anxiety through mindset strategies and planning. I loved working with Christy so much! Each session was like a mini therapy session and she made me feel so comfortable and never judged my choices when I went off track. I loved that she focused on not only nutrition but lifestyle and faith! Through this process I learned that I'm stronger than I thought and a number on the scale doesn't define my health. This program was amazing!

Kayla B

I sought out coaching because I really wanted to lose weight but nothing I had tried in the past ever worked. It was important to me to achieve these goals because my health had declined, I weighed more than I ever had in my life, my marriage was suffering, and my mental health and confidence were also suffering. During our time together, I learned how to meal plan (and learn that it's not as hard as I thought), how to choose healthy foods, how doing one little thing each day can add up to big results, to start loving myself instead of the negative self-talk I used to have, to not be afraid of the scale, that one bad day doesn't mean I should give up, and that I am capable of amazing things and big changes. Some of my biggest wins from this coaching experience were losing 13 pounds, learning how to stop being a perfectionist and becoming a good-enoughist, coming up with easy to cook meals that are healthy and meet the requirements of my strict Hashimoto's diet, and developing a sense of work-life balance. But most of all, my biggest win is feeling empowered to continue this work on my own because I now have the tools, knowledge, and confidence to continue on my health journey thanks to Christy. Christy has a true gift for coaching others. I would recommend her as a coach to anyone one million percent!

Lauren P

I originally sought out health coaching because I had a hefty list of food allergies and wanted to maintain the right mindset going into this new lifestyle. I was extremely overwhelmed with how to eat and had no idea where to begin. Working with Christy was AMAZING and it turned into something even more than just mindset and health coaching. I learned that I need to be kinder to myself and the way I think. I really enjoyed that despite the crazy rollercoaster Christine went on with me she always instilled calm. It was so comforting have times to chat in times where I had a million emotions. What started as a coach on mindful eating and lifestyle changes turned into an actual life coach guiding me through the toughest seasons of my life so far.

Rebecca C.

Working with Christy has been fantastic! I dropped 15 pounds during our 4 months together and learned that I can make healthy choices while still enjoying the foods I love. Christy’s knowledge and kind way of sharing it is great. She always made me feel comfortable and the resources she gave me have been invaluable! From exercises, educational materials, recipes and support, she put me first and reminded me to rearrange my thinking about certain things. I wouldn't say I have much stress in my retired life, but when I get overwhelmed, it's easy to let things spiral out of control. Her gentle and well- placed reminders helped me put things back in perspective. Throughout the program I learned to be gentler with myself, I have much more confidence at the gym, I learned how to cook and read food labels… all of these things have added up to a healthier, happier me. I am so glad I chose to go with her coaching program!

Allyssa G.

My main goals were to improve my nutrition, decrease food guilt, decrease sugar consumption, and improve my digestion! This is so important to me because I want to be the best version of myself for not only me but everyone that I have relationships with! Working with Christy was amazing! One of the best decisions that I made was investing in myself. Christy challenged me in so many ways and helped me to understand that I am in control of my cravings! I have had symptoms of stomach bloating for so long and after the program I can honestly say it is 95% improved! I learned that I can do anything I put my mind to! I enjoyed the weekly challenges, mindset suggestions, and recipe help. She is the best!

Lauren T

Throughout each session I was stepping more into what I truly wanted out of life and who I wanted to be and I have been very encouraged to be my authentic self. I felt like Christy was my cheerleader when I was going through times where I needed support and encouragement. She was always encouraging me and it helped so much! I learned the importance of planning meals and setting myself up for success. I have also implemented a much better sleep routine! I am so much more aware of habits that don't serve me, as well as aware that I have every right to choose positive solutions to make my life better. This was definitely a helpful 3 months in regards to more than just physical health it was beneficial to my mental health as well. 

Jennifer E.

I sought out health coaching for nutrition advice and weight loss. I kept yo-yo dieting and nothing seemed to stick. Through our coaching relationship I learned that there are so many choices to healthy eating and knowing that I didn't want to give up when I had bad day. Life gets crazy but Christy really helped me have a better mindset. She showed me there is so much more to my health than just exercise and eating right. I started to take care of me and then focused on the nutrition and exercise.I had a physical at the very end of my program and I am happy to say my numbers have improved. My blood pressure was perfect and weight was definitely down, I will go back in 6 months and if the numbers are still just as good, my doctor will take me off of my medications. I would say that is a BIG WIN in my book! 

Ciara S.

Christy is someone who just really wants your health and happiness to improve through appropriate nutrition and life balance. She is very empathetic and will listen to any and all concerns you have and then try to work through them with you. She celebrates the little and big victories you accomplish on your health journey and is just as excited as you are when you resist a craving or have a few days of clean eating! I would recommend Christy to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health through nutrition or interrelated areas or to someone who just needs help being held accountable and who needs a little guidance as they try and make changes within their life. Christy will be your biggest cheerleader and support system!

Bernadette L.

I have to admit that I wasn't sure if Christy would be able to "teach" this old dog any new tricks. Boy, was I wrong! I signed up for her program during one of the most stressful times of my life: searching for a new house and moving with my husband, my daughter, and my 80 year old dad. One of the three goals that I had set was to control my stress levels. Through our bi-weekly phone conversations, Christy was able to baby-step me through. Christy always was calm, positive and patient. She did not tell me what to do, but rather helped me figure out what would work best for me. At the end of each phone call, I had revised goals and a plan of action to achieve them. Each phone call was followed up with notes going over the things we had talked about, suggestions on things that might help with my weekly homework, and praise for my accomplishments. I highly recommend Christy to anyone who is interested in becoming the best version of themselves.