Say goodbye to bloat, sugar cravings and inflammation! Whether you’ve fallen off track with your nutrition, healthy habits, or just feel like your body and mind could use a fresh start, the 12 Day Mind & Body Reset will give you just that.  


The 12 Day Mind & Body Reset Program

Are you experiencing any of these annoying symptoms?

If yes, your body's inflamed and you need a reset! 

Constipation and bloating

Fatigue and stress

Joint pain and inflammation

Skin break outs

Water retention and puffiness

Imagine if you could wake up refreshed, have mental clarity and energy throughout the whole day, have clear, glowing skin, and no longer suffer from uncomfortable bloating and digestive issues.....

Well you can! I would like to invite you to experience what it feels like for your body to truly thrive!

In the next 12 days you can dissolve your cravings and completely cleanse your body from stored up toxins and inflammation that have been weighing you down! 

Hi there! I'm Christy. I’m a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.⁣ I created the 12 Day Mind & Body Reset to show you how truly transformative nutrition can be in your life! I've experienced its incredible power first hand during my journey with anxiety, cystic acne, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, and gut issues. Now it's YOUR TURN to finally feel the best you can!


 I didn't take my measurements but yesterday I wore my fav pair of jeans that used to not fit!! This was just what I needed, a reset. I've been sleeping great, feeling energized, being active everyday and eating lots of veggies!

I'm down 5 pounds!

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This has been so beneficial to my sleep, energy level, focus and inflammation. I am feeling/seeing such a positive difference! I am so excited by the results, the puffiness and joint aches are gone!!

So excited by the results!

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I've lost a total of 5.5 inches! I also feel mentally stronger to be able to tackle my emotional eating moving forward. I'm looking forward to incorporating some of the habits learned from the reset into my new normal routine!

I feel mentally stronger

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Your body requires nutrients to function. Everyday thousands of chemical reactions take place in your body that allow you to move, think, eat and breathe. If your diet’s been filled with sugary, processed food - it’s lacking nutrition and not operating at full capacity. When food is highly processed, it’s stripped of it’s nutrients and full of chemicals that affect your hormones and body’s ability to do it’s job. Even fresh produce is covered in pesticides, genetically modified, and grown in poor soil decreasing it’s nutritional value. Repetitive and long-term consumption of these foods causes a flare up of unwanted symptoms like the ones listed above. Food may be your problem, but it's also your solution!

Food can cause disease, but it can also cure disease. 


I was down 9 inches and a total of 5.5 lbs!! But the biggest difference is just not feeling puffy and dense. I feel light and energized and like I'm not constantly looking for a snack to give me a quick pick me up! My psoriasis is 85% reduced! So much learned these 12 days and lots of good basic healthy habits to incorporate moving forward.

No more cravings!

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 I can’t believe how great I feel! Brain fog is completely gone (didn’t even know I had brain fog until now, my head feels so clear!) I feel well rested and definitely have more energy! Very excited about the results so far!

Brain fog is GONE!

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I am really grateful to do this the first time with Christy's help and guidance. I'm also excited to try it over again, and again and get better each time. The plan is amazing.

This plan is amazing

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What's Included In The Reset

12 Day Meal Plan 

No fancy powders or supplements necessary! I've laid out everything you need to eat in the next 12 days to see AMAZING results! The Reset is built on whole nutrient dense super foods and eliminates inflammatory foods to help your body heal from within. Grocery lists, delicious recipes, and foods swaps are included.

Lifestyle Guide 

Nutrition is just one piece of the puzzle. This reset will also focus heavily on your mindset and self care tips and activities. This guide provides a morning routine, nighttime routine, movement guidelines, and a reset journal with a day-by-day approach to keep you on track through the excitement and challenges of your program! 


Learn about super foods and how they work to give you optimal health, motivational techniques, how to cleanse without deprivation or hunger, effective ways to release toxins and much more! This Reset provides steps for moving forward and a reintroduction plan to set you up for longterm success!


Get access to the Nutrition Refresh Facebook group and join a group of women all with the same goal: to feel their best physically & mentally! Get direct support from me and get all your questions answered each day of the reset!

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While it's not unlikely to lose 5-10 lbs during the reset, this will likely be water weight and inflammation. Longterm weight loss requires consistent diet and lifestyle changes. 

Is this a weight loss plan?

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What does the reset plan eliminate?

Coffee, Grains, Gluten, Sugar, Dairy, Inflammatory Oils, Soy, Processed foods, Beans and legumes and Alcohol

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What if I don't like some of the meals?

I'm sure you will love them all! However, if you aren't fond of a recipe, I've provided a general anti-inflammatory grocery list so you can modify meals. I'll also be there to support you in the Facebook Group if you need ideas for switching something up!

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Will I have to purchase supplements?

I've provided recommended vitamin and mineral supplements in the guide; however, they are optional. You will see the best results if you use them!

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Do I have to follow it to a T?

You don't have to do anything, but for best results I recommend following each day exactly as laid out.

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I have a family, how are the recipes set up?

This plan is designed for one person. If you want to cook for more than one person you can adjust the portions of ingredients.

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How much time will I have to spend in the kitchen?

If you're used to getting fast food everyday, this will be a change of pace! I don't believe anyone needs to slave away in the kitchen for hours upon hours to be healthy. Most meals take less than 15 minutes to make. The prep that will take the longest is cooking meat and other proteins. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout the 12 days I will show you how to reduce painful inflammation through diet, daily movement and stress reduction techniques. If you're trying to lose weight, this is the perfect kick-off! 

Twelve days is just 3% of a year. Let this be an amazing new chapter in your life filled with vibrant health, energy, peace and happiness. It's time to feed your mind and body the nourishment it’s been craving.

What if 12 Days Could Change Your Life?




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